Rules: Note! breaking the rules can result in ban (100% up to admin to decide if rules are broken or not!) 

1. No 123, Menneske, human, bob, survivor(s) or simular naming of character of tribe. Tribe and player name needs to readable by all so no foreign characters.
1.1 All character names and tribe names should not be offensicve og racist.

2. Building near and/or blocking Artifact caves / Obelisks / Wyvern trench and Aberration etc. is Not Allowed.
2.1. That also means no turrets, no bases etc

3. Do not glitch or undermesh foundations or other things, admins is not gonna remove individual items but the entire tribes structures on the map!
3.1 "Mesh" killing or destroying is allowed, build your base on a proper location or protect it properly in the location.
3.2 Meshing outside mesh or inside people's bases will get you permanently banned and get all your structures, dinos and character removed from all maps.

4. Do not hold people capture more than 30minutes.

5. Raid fob that traps people inside their base must be deleted after 24 hours after they get trapped, you cannot put up a new fob that traps them again in the same raid.

6. No abusive language, accusing admins of cheat or spam in the chat or Discord, this is admin decided if broken!

7. Raiding allies while under "blue color" is Not Allowed.
7.1. Killing dinos in allies base under "blue color" is Not Allowed.

8. Exploits from mod or Ark will get you permanently banned, for example duping, meshing, glitches
8.1 Manipulating, changing or modifying game config files or files in general to gain any advantage such as but not limited to: The use of "hard" .ini files, removing key graphical components (water, fog, foliage, X/Z Effects, etc) is forbidden.

9. Turrets and pokers on rafts and dinos are allowed

10. No dropping loot/popcorning while getting raided or while being picked.

11. No blocking Aberration surface.
11.1 No blocking radiation area

12. No building on the Aberration surface

13. No building on city terminals

14. Tribe name must be the same across all maps